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  1. Congratulations on the change, Sabrina. Hope it continues to be right for you guys and that you find whatever other resources you might need.
  2. Do you have a church family yet? Perhaps someone there has information. Check out the state homeschooling web site. In Texas, they link to local groups. Call the Chamber of Commerce or Visitors Center for your town. Maybe they have a list? Sabrina's suggestions are good too - internet searches and Facebook searches might net you some help.
  3. We are in Central Texas - Our favorites are historical places or gardens. Fort Fisher (where Cynthia Ann Parker was kidnapped from; she is the white mother of Quannah Parker, one of the last free Indian chiefs) is not far. We went to Washington-On-The-Brazos not too long ago; this is where the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed. Our local Mayborn Museum has a historic village and we love to go to activities there. The Waco Mammoth Site is down the road and it is neat. I grew up in New Mexico and we try to take the girls lots of place there. White Sands Carlsbad Caverns Bandalier Lincoln (home of Billy the Kid) Capitan (home of Smokey Bear) I'll stop there for now.
  4. Can you use an online site? We use SchoolhouseTeachers for chemistry and everything is online. We do print it off but that is for convenience and preference. Most of it can be done without printing. I second the notion of putting things on a laptop or table. Using online videos such as YouTube. Utilize an mp3 player to hold more audio materials. Visit libraries along the way. They are often historical buildings and you can sit and use materials without cost in almost every place we have been. I guess a lot of it comes down to - have you decided what your goals are for this particular period of time? If you have hard a fast curriculum goals, then your approach is different than if your goal are more discussion and experience oriented.
  5. I read. Lots of books. And online. I do pretty good reading ahead of my daughter who is hitting high school classes now and I need to brush up and become familiar with ideas/concepts/literature that I haven't dealt with in a while or never had to. Like Frankenstein - never had to read that in high school or college. But I needed to read it before my oldest daughter got to it in literature. And Chemistry. That's a whole new world, too! I am also now off to look at The Great Courses, Carol. I have probably heard of them but not registered what they are.
  6. My husband's cheesecake. Yum!
  7. We do artificial because of allergies but price is also a reason to continue. I could not justify the cost of a real tree in this part of the country. Growing up, we always went and dug a real one and then replanted it after Christmas. Sabrina, we always dug the hole early in the year and left it covered by a board or something so that it was ready after the holidays for the tree to be placed. My dad also keep lots of five gallon buckets of water around. We take the ice out of those and place them all around the newly replaced dirt so that they will water the tree as they slowly melt in the winter sun. May be too late for you this year but maybe you can plan ahead for next year.
  8. A good place to look is Apologetics Press. Their resources are biblically sound. http://apologeticspress.org/