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  1. That is an interesting question. The events that were portrayed in With Lee are true historical events. I heard an interview done by the LA Times with an elderly woman about the removal of a civil war/confederate tombstone. She eloquently stated that if we mess with our "history" we remove those teaching and learning points. At what point do we stop? As for With Lee, I look at the kindness and friendship between Vincent and Dan. Both Grant and Lee were fighting for causes they believed in. I think we have to much "its all about me" in our society and if it offends "me" it is wrong and not open for civilized discussion. We all need to agree that we have a right to disagree....but we all need to respect each other. Just my feelings.....
  2. A Amanda, I am hoping the A/C is fixed and that your husband was able to manage. Heat can be very diffcult to manage especailly when you toss in medications and medical issues. Please keep us updated. Sending prayers your way...Kim
  3. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. We will certainly keep your family in our prayers and thoughts. Kim
  4. This was a great interview! Going to see if I can get this book at my town library. Will update when I read this. Kim
  5. Thank you for keeping us updated Dustin and Judi. Keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers.
  6. I totally understand the chaos part....my children are grown however I really miss that chaos! Thank you for stopping in and introducing yourself. Kim
  7. Cristina, I agree with you...this forum is going to be great! Thank you for stopping by. Kim
  8. Hi Cassandra, We have talked many times! So glad you introduced your self. Looking forward to learning more about about Henty friends! Kim
  9. Hi Wendy, Thank you for stopping in to the Forum. Please feel free to send us any helpful tips. Kim
  10. Hi Margaret, Welcome to our Community and Forum. We are glad you stopped by--looking forward to great conversations and ideas! Maybe a cross stitch topic! Kim
  11. Hi Amanda, Minnesota is a beautiful state...glad to hear you are having some nice weather. Thank you for stopping in! Kim
  12. Welcome Linda! We are glad that you have joined our community. Looking forward to forming new friendships and sharing new ideas. Kim
  13. I agree with mfoust....The Big Picture Story Bible is excellent for younger children.
  14. I think they are getting ready to release Captain Bayley's Heir. I loved this story and can hardly wait for this audio. Hope this helps!
  15. My daughter could not get enough of the Madeline books .,..she is 25 and has so many fond memories of her Grandmother reading this to her.