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  1. Hello Sabrina! I love it! You sound busy, but happy and enjoying lots of wonderful parts of life on the farm, beginning of spring and doing what the Lord put in your heart! It sounds awesome to me (I'm a bit jealous), I want a farm so bad, I just keep waiting till the Lord tells my husband finally that it's okay to move in that direction! ? Sadly, we just lost Phil's grandma, but she is happy to be home with Jesus!!! He just did the memorial service this afternoon and so it's been a bit of a hard time! Otherwise the kids are doing well, some coughing has come back with our two youngest, but just keeping up with some herbal teas and tonics, and diffusing thieves essential oil has kept it from turning into anything, just a cough that has to go! For myself, Life-schooling has been an answer to prayer! I really got hit hard with a battle (I was not expecting the pain and struggle I've had) these past two months, the Lord said I was going to be fighting a battle through a dream I had and confirmed by a prophetic word given to me, but I was not ready for the toll it was going to take on me. It has been difficult and so being able to have a schedule open for alternative ways of learning and growing for the kids has helped me to continue to be a homeschooling mom while the Lord took me through this difficult time. I'm starting to see the healing, victory and strength come back to my soul, my spirit is revived and a new courage to face what the Lord has next for our family! I hope I will be able to share it with you someday. I still have to get a hold of Danielle Papageorgiou because I asked her about some things and will pass them on if you want (plus I just remembered that I have to send you what she said about upper grades transcripts and such). I love it that in our state right now, one of my friends (she is the regional director for LEAH), just spoke with us about the laws they want to change in our state (such as, assessments and quarterly reports, since we are the most regulated!) ? They have gone to Albany, to fight and there are senators who are willing to back us! Yay! It would be awesome if we had less regulations put on us! I pray the Lord continues to bless you through the avenues He has given you to touch others and in the process develop your God given talents, gifts and abilities, in you and the kids... to really see what the Lord may have put in their hearts, too! It sounds so exciting what you are doing, especially with the foreign exchange students you are helping! Blessings and prayers for healthy little ones again! ? Ang Cobb
  2. Hi ladies! I haven't been on here in a bit, have had some ups and downs, struggles and, thankfully, starting to see the Lord give me victory in areas I thought were a bit more "finished" than I expected! So, I'm excited about the Christian Unschooling podcast too! I need to check that out, as well, but the book I had, I loaned it to a friend and am still waiting for it to return. We are good here, still have sniffles and coughs popping up a little, but we are on the mend, thank you Lord for ways to strengthen our immune systems! ? Lifeschooling or in a way, just living life the way the Lord is leading it daily! ? I hope that you are enjoying your crocheting, Sabrina, and the Lifeschooling audios/videos! And Jennifer, I love the idea with the melty beads! We need to get some new crafts for fun! If you read the book together on here or another post, I would still love to join, even without my book, it really encouraged me when I read it! ? Talk with you ladies soon! Blessings in the Lord Jesus and for healthy bodies! And more snow, we love snow, though, I think the kids are tired of shoveling! ? Ang Cobb
  3. Ladies, I just messaged Danielle Papageorgiou and she wrote back a nice reply. She also sent me to her favorite homeschooling blog site,, where I have been enjoying a great amount of the author's posts. It has helped me to see where she was able to come up with the definition she felt best describes "Lifeschooling". I would definitely recommend it, if you want to have some good food for thought. I just read his post, "The Day Homeschooling Dies", which is excellent! I also talked to Danielle about both you, Sabrina and Jennifer, with your children who are in middle and upper grades, and she said exactly what I had felt. She said, it is something you will have to stay in constant prayer about, seeking the Lord as to what path your child(ren) want to take, what desires, callings, and giftings are a part of them, and how to go about obtaining all that they will need, to fulfill their God-given destinies. The only thing she has her son do, is record everything he does, so they have the information for creating a transcript. I can give you what she wrote, if you would like, just let me know, I'll send it to you both!? Talk with you soon! Ang Cobb ?
  4. Lol! I hope it's encouraging, at least! ? Ang Cobb
  5. I'm so glad Sabrina! Lol! I like some structure, but it depends on the day and what is pressing (house, chores, meals, grocery, etc.), so it can look very different on different days, but I agree, structure helps us! And we are definitely still learning what this life(schooling) looks like for us. Some days are more one way, with whatever they each want to learn (and is in my capabilities to offer them) and other days are based on what needs to be done for the house to run smoothly and be respectful and responsible with what has been given to us (possessions, rooms, bodies, etc.). I still have a chart that is sort of a guide for us (to help the house run smoothly), even though there is freedom within the schedule to veer from it, I like to reign things in if we get too far off course. Today was an interesting day, it ended up being a camping trip in the house, all day. The kids set up Elishas tent in the front room, and in my bedroom, we made for the youngest, a small tent out of a sheet and clothesline rope. Then everyone packed their back packs for a wilderness survival camping experience and loaded up my tiny front room and bedroom with all their camping gear. Faith made everyone breakfast and I put on the computer one of those dvds, with the crackling fire in the fireplace, to pretend we were out in the woods, with a nice campfire! ? We played games, did mad libs, and tried to do things for most of the day that had to do with being out on a camping trip. Later when Phil came home, we went for a ride, to star gaze and pick up some coconut almond cocoa spread and Annie's organic bunny grahams for our "smores"! It was definitely a different kind of day today, but it ended up being a lot of fun! Not normal in the least bit, but it was what everyone wanted to do and we had no where to be today, so I figured it could be a fun way to lifeschool today! A rest day. We will have a mess to pick up tomorrow though! Grocery day tomorrow, so that time is definitely allotted to figuring out how much we have, what we need, and how to spend it wisely. Faith and Elisha help with that part, but it is very important that they understand they are learning this applied math because it is a life skill they need, now and as they get older. I hope the Lord gives me some understanding into what the kids may benefit from, for the giftings I know they display, and how to better serve them in reaching their potential. Sabrina, I hope you are resting, in the Lord, as well, so you are able to stay in His peace and joy, over you! You have shared that you have many ideas, can you share some of them? I have many, but knowing when and how to implement them into my families life! I'm sure you are looking to do the same, figuring out when to and how to implement your goals, the right timing and all! I pray we get some direction, some needed wisdom from the Lord! Does your oldest daughter like the new way you are schooling? How about your younger children? Talk with you soon! Ang
  6. Jennifer, we will definitely be praying, we got it here too, it's not as bad as last week, but the cough is still here! We prayed this morning because I had enough of this, so we spoke with the authority Jesus gives us over everything in His Name (sickness, too!) and are believing for all the germs to die! Disappear, whatever they have to do because of Christ's sake! We pray your home is covered and everyone is healthy, quickly, too! In Jesus Name! ? Deschooling is fun, my kids took forever before they ever asked if we were going to do school again! Lol! I think they were tired of it so much, that they were afraid to ask if I was going to make them get back to the books! This time of year, last year, was when I actually read about unschooling and then began to deschool. I'm glad you are still having fun while being under the weather, but that the Lord is restoring your home to peace and rest, the way you had dreamed it would be when you first started this fun homeschool journey. I'm really glad you and Sabrina have found something that resonates with your spirit, bringing a level of peace that you both were asking the Lord for. I would've never said a word if the Lord had not told me to write back to you, so I'm thankful it was useful! It has helped me to know a peace I had longed for, and now the Lord allowed me to have some sisters in Him to share it with! Thank you for encouraging me as well! The Lord is so good to us! ?
  7. Sabrina, I completely understand your frustration! I have alternated between those feelings many times, but if you feel like you need a rest, take it, that will help you! I got sick this week and the only thing I could do was lay in bed and try to rest, but it gave the Lord time to discuss some things with me that I really needed to hear Him say. He gets our attention one way or another, I kind of had to be made because I had been on the go since December with things and missed some valuable moments with Him. Enjoy His rest, peace and love for you! ?
  8. Sabrina, I give you props! I cannot seem to ever start a to-do list and follow through. I would usually lose the list before the second day of using it! ?? But I am trying to learn to take some down time to get some clarity from the Lord for the areas I struggle with. ? I am really hoping for some fresh manna from heaven (a Word for this season from Father God), cause this first half of January has hit me hard in my spirit, I have some things to grow in, for sure! I hope you are finding His rest in this new season with your family! And that your getting everything done on your checklist that you need, but also want to accomplish! ?
  9. Praying for them!
  10. The changes are going good! I'm glad to hear that everything is good! What is making you feeling swamped? I'm not on Facebook anymore, but that is great that you are doing a book club! Lol, I have a pile of books next to my bed, that I've either started or have planned on reading for a long time! I hope to read them again (or start reading) so that I can finally learn whatever it was I wanted to get out of the books in the first place!?
  11. Hello Sabrina, how is everything!? Jennifer, how are you doing!? We kind of got a little bug this week. ?Thankfully, my husband has the week off, so we all get to enjoy some inside time together. We finally have warmer weather, with lots of snow here, so we're finally getting some time outside! And praying this bug passes fast too! ? I hope you are all well! Ang Cobb
  12. Hello Sabrina, I was just thinking of how it is wonderful to see family, but you're right, about the need for things to return to normal. We have had some ups and downs to the season, one being, one great grandmother was hospitalized and another great grandmother we almost lost after choking on food and almost losing consciousness from a Christmas dinner we were having together! But by the Grace of God, they are both okay and home, with family again! It is good to be together, and situations like these have helped my family to realize how precious (and how precious little time we have with one another) life is, so I hope on top of building a new year set of goals for my family, it is important for us all to make sure it will revolve around those we only have so much time left with. We hope this year, like you said, our routines and habits will reflect a deeper level of obedience to the Lord's calling on our family, to what He has planned for our family and wants to establish in us and the kids. If I can be real, I was just thinking, about one of my husband's and my favorite site,, which shares what those brothers and sisters who have been given the powerful tool of prophecy, are sharing with the body of Christ. One that I read was about what the Lord is doing in each country on the face of the earth and it was beautiful to see how the Lord has something different and unique for each country, as He is calling them to grow and mature as the day approaches for His return! I was encouraged, but sobered, to the fact, that some things in my life were lacking. I feel that our Heavenly Father is calling this family, He is has given me, to prepare ourselves for a new season, one where, as a family, we are going through a season of maturity, to be used in the Body, together, in a new way. I know that He is breaking old thought patterns on my thinking, because they have kept me bound, unable to fully grasp what He has longed for me to understand and then share with my children. You are going through a new season, so I pray for you as well, to feel His peace as you prepare to approach areas of routine and habits that you feel He is working with you on, for the family, as a whole. Enjoy the quiet times that you have with Him, because I know, He is going to fill you with His revelation, giving you great ideas and solutions to goals that seemed impossible or too much for you to set, so that you have a level of certainty that you need, to grow strong in this beautiful season of your families calling, together. I pray that the eyes of your heart are enlightened with understanding, and to the hope of His calling on you and your family, as a whole and that no weapon, formed against you, by the enemy, shall prosper, so that Jesus can continue to bring to life the hopes and dreams He has placed in you and your husband, for your family! Be of good cheer sister, the Lord is working all things for your good and this season is just the beginning of a new level of obedience, but also of passion for the calling and giftings on you and your husband and children! Let me know what you think of the Lifeschooling audios, the one with the Benham brothers, who were on HGTV, have a fire, a passion that is amazing for the Lord and homeschool their families, plus some of the other speakers were so good! It left me encouraged! I am going to also check out TJed, you've got my interest peaked! Thank you for sharing that information too! Have a great night, talk with you soon, Ang Cobb
  13. I'm so glad for you, Sabrina and your family! It's such a wonderful time when Christmas day is quiet and peaceful, we had one this year, thankfully, too! ? We hope you have a great time with your extended family too and continue to enjoy a very restful season! The Lord bless your home and family!
  14. Thank you, Sabrina! We did have a restful day for Christmas, I have had to take a real rest, though, since we were going non-stop since last friday! I'm just now starting to feel rested again! How was your Christmas, Sabrina and Jennifer? I hope you enjoyed a wonderful time with family and friends!?
  15. Making ornaments can be so fun! We did the finger print snowmen one year with the rest of our family, got some real cuts ornaments out of it! ?