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  1. You're welcome Sabrina, I have learned so much from the #1 book! We actually closed off our back room for storage this winter, so I got a bright idea (well according to the hubby, it is a complete mess !). I decided to use it to store all my dried herbs from the garden and medicinal plants that I found in nature, pictured in the book, which I am using for our herbal teas for the cold/flu season! ? The book is so detailed and the pictures really help in my research, since they fairly easy to not confuse with any look a likes that are not for human consumption. Wardeh is great! Traditional Cooking with Wardeh, or GNOWFLINGS, her site, has helped greatly with other areas of healthy eating, and such! I had wanted to do more research on fermenting, so I was so excited when I ended up in our local Rescue Mission, thrift store, and found her book! The Lord knew I had asked Him for a book on fermentation (the desire of my heart is to help my family heal naturally, with food), and it was nice to have Him lead me to get that book, from a sister in the Lord! He is so good to us! ?
  2. That's awesome! Then you met our friend who is in charge of the Bindery, Pete, and the wonderful team that works there! We too couldn't help ourselves, got a few audios for the trip back home! Charlie's Choice, made us cry the whole way home! ?
  3. Hi Sabrina, I'm not yet at the middle or high school years yet, but I keep having to ask the Lord to lead me on this new journey. It's shaping up to be something pretty fun, restful and God led in their talents and giftings, because I'm just starting to really see... His ways are higher than mine and His thoughts. What He intended for families, His children, is not the stress laddened work of the world, we tend to veer sometimes toward what is known ( I did it my first 2 1/2 years because someone else had walked that road and it was easier to see by their successes and failures, I guess, to try to avoid the pitfalls), but the Lord has made me have to walk this out like that beautiful old song, " day at a time, sweet Jesus, that's all I'm asking from You..." . I don't know what it will look like for us yet, and it sure sometimes feels scary, but actually, really exciting, and I feel the anticipation of what He is going to do next, in our day, and in our lives, everyday! What the Lord will do with you, your precious children, their talents, abilities and giftings, including your very own that are still yet to blossom, are for you all to enjoy learning about, along this amazing journey. That is exciting! I hope and pray for the peace you need and the strength to do whatever the Lord is leading you to do, but it looks like you are definitely feeling the drawing to a new, exciting season for you and your family! Blessings and if you do want to know some of the things the Lord has helped me to do to transition, let me know, I will definitely be willing to share whatever may help you, no one around me does what I do, so I was very dependent on the Holy Spirit, but I think that is the way it's suppose to be. I believe we are in our brothers and sisters lives, to share what the Lord has done and then let the Lord take it from there, so He can help shape and mold that special calling on your families lives, each of our families lives, in the way He sees the most benefit and the greatest Glory to His Holy, Loving Name! The Lord richly bless you and your family Sabrina! Ang Cobb
  4. I'm not so much the baker, sorry (but great taste tester!). I have a mother in law, though, who makes the most delicious dream cheese cookies with cream cheese frosting! Oh so good, and you can do them with cookie cutters!
  5. We are a lifeschooling, sort of unschooling type family, feelings of anxiety... had lots for the first several months, but keeping a record journal helped me to see how much the kids learned...every day, just by being interested in something and going after it with everything that comes with curiosity! If you have questions, I hope I can help, here in New York, we have strict rules, but the way we school is acceptable, you just have to be kind of creative in how you do your IHIP and quarterly reports! But I almost forgot to share what life-schooling actually is, because it goes deeper, into the call of God, in each of your children's lives. For a longtime I was reading up on everything I could about unschooling, but felt conflicted, so I kept talking to the Holy Spirit, asking for understanding, into why I didn't exactly, fully, agree with how the unschooling mentality would work for my kids. I agreed with it being more child led, but without the leading of the Holy Spirit in my life, I knew for myself, I tend to get sidetracked and when the Lord doesn't have a say in our lives, we know where that has, and can, lead....somewhere that can scare us! So I kept talking to the Lord and slowly I started to see that my way of schooling was to live life together, letting our days take us in all sorts of wonderful directions, and discoveries! But I was also learning how to have balance, we still needed to be responsible and take care of our home and the things that were our blessings (The kids rooms and toys, etc., my room and stuff! ). As we took care of what needed to be taken care of at home, and were more relaxed about life and schooling, stress seemed to disappear, very slowly, but it wasn't a struggle to lead or facilitate a discussion or talk about something of interest anymore. We still had time in the day with the Lord, it may not have been the first thing we did when we got up, but it was so much more relaxed in our schooling, that discussions about Jesus, Father God, the Precious Holy Spirit could happen and did happen, more frequently! We now are pastoring at a local church because we kept talking about the vision the Lord has put in our hearts, for our area, when we got married 11 years ago. The kids are part of the worship team, when they want to sing, my daughter who loves to rhyme and sings with her cousins for church service, is now practicing piano with our church piano player and just told me she was writing some lines tonight to her own worship song! I am amazed, because the Holy Spirit was the One who kept speaking to me about how stressed I was a year ago, when I called it quits to the old way of homeschooling (which I had been doing for our first two and a half years). Last Christmas was when I just felt at the end of my rope and I felt the Lord tell me to slow down and start doing meaningful, more Kingdom minded activities. It was our best Christmas ever, so I hope for this one to top that! We did so many fun things that were educational on such a deeper, more meaningful level! My kids faces were the happiest i had seen them in two and a half years of homeschooling! The beginning of this year, when the fun of the season started to wane, I again had a discussion with the Lord on what to do next, and that is when I actually started to read up on unschooling. But, like I said, it didn't completely sit well with me, it was more of the world's approach (though I know the Holy Spirit is speaking to the people in the world all the time, wooing them to the Lord, so they hear Him, but don't know His voice clearly, because they don't know it's Him....yet!). So I just kept talking it over with the Lord, letting Him lead me and fumbling sometimes along the way (like us kids, God's kids... do!), and eventually the term 'life-schooling' began to stick in my head. Of course, I needed some confirmation that there were some other, like-minded brothers and sisters in the Lord, who may be thinking this same thing, which, funny how the Holy Spirit knows us so well, I like to research, like really do some in-depth research if I'm going to do or believe a certain way! So the Holy Spirit knew, after He had gotten my attention with this new word and way of schooling, I was going to do some more reseaching, and find out if anyone else thought this way. After a quick search, I found, the Lifeschooling Conference, which is held in North Carolina by a mom who was drawn to the same scriptures and name for schooling, along with ths Same thinking about how to school, as I was! I love it when I get confirmation from the Holy Spirit! It's encouraging! I said all or that, to just share my experience and see where the Lord takes this journey, with a different approach, for you! Your children are given the gift of learning, as well as so many other, wonderful gifts, it takes so much time to explore who they are, the Lord will help you lead them, so that you can also enjoy their giftings, right along with them, and get to enjoy who you are! Your children will be Encouraged, ae You also will have time to explore who you were created to be, it will further excite you all on This journey of doing life(schooling) together! I pray this helps and blesses you to keep walking this journey, with the Love or the Lord, to reveal the path He has for your family! Ang Cobb <3
  6. Books are my favorite, but here's some things that I'm reading/doing, since I cannot just read one full book at a time, too much to learn! 1. Free food and Medicine, Worldwide Edible Plant Guide by Markus Rothkranz and 2. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fermenting Foods, by Wardeh Harmon 3. My 'Vision Book' journal for writing the visions and words the Lord has given our family over the years, months, to go back to for helping with focus, moving forward and encouragement. 4. Our favorite magazine, "Answers In Genesis", by Ken Hamm; 5. But I also love to listen/watch Patrick Gentempo, who created a few docuseries, that have taught me so much, in different areas. He has recently released ChristRevealed series, which was awesome! But I first watched some of his very tough subjects he addressed (as if Jesus isn't a controversial subject enough!), in VaccinesRevealed and GMOsRevealed docuseries, all very thoroughly investigated, and done very well!
  7. Everyone wanted rolled blades this year, Grandma Linda found out, so now we are moving onto the next thing they all want! My oldest wants nature stuff, second oldest asked for explorer, adventure type items, the next wants builder's supplies and the youngest likes everything that has to do with crafts and dressing up! We will probably surprise them each with something unique that they enjoy, but didn't ask for, since the grandmas like to take care of those other things. Stockings are important for us too, always put some of the traditional items in, from the stories of where the stocking originated, I guess, maybe, to add to the traditions part of it all (like apples, oranges, chocolate candies coins) and a few small extras.
  8. We have a fake, though the bottom lights are the only ones that work on this pre-lit, I hope it will be the last year we use it! I'm missing the wonderful smell of pine in the house, since last year we finally got a real tree! Finances have kept us too, so it is what it is this year with our sad looking partially lit fake tree! Hopefully next year!
  9. Three years ago, we started to create a Christmas time play, it first started with just our kids at home for our homeschool, a fun way to bring in the most important reason for celebrating, Jesus! But now, three years later, we have added three more homeschool families and are recreating our own version of the Nutcracker, a 'Christian Nutcracker '! We are utilizing the facilities at our church to put it on for friends and family on December 23rd. It will be about Clara (humanity) receiving a precious gift, the Nutcracker (Jesus), and in her dream, the Snowflake Princess and Sugar Plum (Princess), will represent children of God in different seasons of their walk with the Lord. While Clara sleeps, Jesus reveals Himself to her, in the dream, and through seeing these other daughters of the King walking in the beauty of His love for them, understands her own importance to Jesus and His love for her! I co-directed it with my niece, who use to feel like no one in the family liked the same things as her, but now that we have started this Christmas tradition, she is blossoming in giftings we didn't know we're there. My children, nieces, and our homeschool friends, now have an avenue to develop their God given talents, and have fun doing it! The girls are choreographing the dances together, which has made them learn so much about their giftings, teamwork, and creativity! Even my two sons are enjoying the dancing and acting, it's become such a blessing. I do not yet know where the Lord is taking this, but even with the challenges of getting children, ranging from 5-11, to work well together, it has been fun and exciting to watch. I hope to see if bless our family and friends!
  10. Oh, I kind of forgot to mention my others! Lamplighter Ministries is another favorite! It's located about 2 hours from us and our best friends run the Bindery for their beautiful reprinted books written from the 1600's, 1700's and 1800's. We've visited the Lamplighter Ministries headquarters in May, to get a tour of the production process and it was awesome! So I'm kind of partial, but the reprinted books are amazingly recreated in the fashion of the time with leather pressed bindings, I believe! The whole of the audio studio is inside a handsome looking Church built in 1853! Definitely a place to visit if you ever do some traveling to Upstate New York, a Christian ministry and great people!
  11. Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman, by far is my daughter's favorite book! It goes everywhere with her! She's a nature lover, though, so it's a very noteworthy book! Your other books look very interesting as well, so we'll have to look those ones up, thank you! Ang Cobb
  12. I'm not yet at the middle-high school grades, but I was thinking, even a specific study that she would be interested in, that can be done after the busyness of the Christmas season ends, to culminate, bring all of it together (those things that meant the most to her, of your family time/traditions, you did together) for her. I hope you find something that works for you and her, I just wanted to share a thought I had. I thought it would give you a more relaxed atmosphere for your Christmas, but also be useful for a research report of the most meaningful parts of this time of year to her. Have a wonderful Christmas and filled with the Lord's peace and love! Ang Cobb
  13. Hello everyone! We have been listening to G.A. Henty audio's for over a year now, have all the audio's, except "Wulf the Saxon" and probably will need to buy a new set of each because they are the only thing our four children fall asleep to every night! Sometimes we have competing G.A. Henry audio's playing in both our children's rooms! I get a little bit of "Beric the Briton", with some stimulating lines from "Dragon and the Raven", but whatever the mix, it's very enjoyable! We are a homeschool family(but really what I've come to understand, more like lifeschoolers, a new term I've learned), four years in and now enjoying it more than I ever did, thank you Lord! Our crew is Faith (9), Elisha (8), Samuel (6) and Hope (5), living in the beautiful snow belt of Upstate New York, not far from Lake Ontario, but just far enough to get a pleasant supply of snow all winter! ;-) It is a blessing that this Audio company has grown and prospered in such an amazing, God ordained way! I'm glad to be a part of this community and pray the Lord does some even more amazing wonders through it! Blessings in the Lord to you all, Angela and Phillip Cobb