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Found 1 result

  1. So this year I am teaching jr/sr high kids at co-op. I've never done that before, taught big kids. I am teaching zoology and am looking for ideas/resources. I've got most of the classes in idea mode. The only "dissection" we'll be doing this year is an owl pellet. Some of the high schoolers elected to take Apologia's biology. My class is kids who were looking more for "bio-light." They were clearly relieved when I told them we weren't dissecting animals this year. So, some of the classes will be taxonomy (last week), a week each for mammals, insects, birds, reptiles, and amphibians, biomes/habitats, predator/prey, symbiotic relationships, *exceptions* to classification (platypus, bat, I thought of a few others, but am blanking), stuff like that. I have 16 weeks to plan for. Some of my sources are, Apologia's Marine Biology, Easy Peasy All in One. No one has everything I need to fill an hour and provide a reasonable amount (whatever that is) of homework for a two week span. Any ideas? Know of an actual zoology lesson plan or text book for 12-17 year olds? Thanks!