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Found 6 results

  1. We're splitting our fall between 2 locations and can't bring everything with us between the 2 spots. My oldest are both in high school which makes it more challenging. The youngest is 2nd grade. What are some ways that you take homeschool on the road? (We're doing some Audio adventures as part of it!)
  2. What are some of your favorite field trips? As the new school year starts, I'm always open to new experiences. We try to take in some sporting events, museums, National Parks, performing arts, the symphony, cultural festivals, and other events each year as well as attend field trips sponsored by our local Co-op and Homeschool Associations. Currently, I'm planning a trip to Philadelphia to visit family. We will be there during the Smithsonian Free Museum Day. Therefore, we'll use that to our advantage as well. Educational fun doesn't have to cost to be effective. I'm looking forward to hearing what your family's enjoy doing!
  3. Hey all! We've been back to school nine weeks now, considering we school year round, and this year I've noticed a significant change in my children's learning. All of a sudden my teens no longer have a desire to participate in family group learning. Whereas before we would do history together and science together, they now prefer me to hand them their textbook and let them work at their own pace. I confess I have mixed feelings about this. It's not that work is not getting done, and done well. It is. I just miss the feeling of unity and involvement. It's as if I'm not doing enough and I'm no longer part of this portion of their education. While I understand things need to change and we need to adapt to their growing needs, the Lord is still working in me to give me peace on this matter. How are things changing in your teens' learning, or have you noticed a change? And how are you dealing with this? Thanks! Cristina
  4. Socialization is generally not a concern for our family. However, at times, finding friends can be a challenge. Either we live in a more rural area or, for whatever reason, our children are struggling to connect with those around them. Do your children struggle with finding friends? How does your family address this issue; and how are you encouraging these relationships in your children?
  5. We have used Math U See, A Plus Tutor Soft, and Teaching Text Books. No matter what math I use my son doesn't like. He struggles with math. It's one of his not so favorite subjects. Just wondering if there is a more engaging program out there. He is 16 but on a 4th Grade level for Math. My son is on the Autism Spectrum and has a Cognitive Delay. Another thing I am looking for is a good writing program for 4th Grade. I would like to get my daughter writing more. I haven't found one that I am totally in love with yet. Thanks!
  6. Hey all! For those of you who homeschool, what helps your family make each day/week unique? While we're giving it our best to keep learning fun, there are some days it feels like that old movie, "Groundhog Day", where everyday feels the same and no one is enthusiastic about trudging off to the table to get things done. (sigh) Here's to finding something special everyday and making the most of it! Cristina