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Found 1 result

  1. I am a retired U.S. Marine Gunnery Sergent and my wife is a Filipina who is not outside employed. I, Dustin, met my wife after I had retired and was planning a move back to the U.S., from Japan; we met online, as I was learning about photography and posting my pictures for all to scrutinize. In short, neither of us were seeking a companion when we "found" each other. God had plans for us, and we were learning what they were. What impressed me the most about Judi was her fearless profession of faith and devotion to God, and her desire to serve. Since our meeting online, and in person, our relationship has grown, both with each other and with our creator. The only challenges that we face with each other is that my wife is SDA (Seventh Day Adventist) and I am OPC (Orthodox Presbyterian Church); these are minor differences in our eyes, because we have agreed to make both worship services as we can. As we continue to grow in our faith, we will continue to grow together. With this said, I must also say that, as with all Christians, we have a history; because of this history, we have been having a slow and difficult time getting my wife and step-son into the U.S. She has an illegitimate charge of marriage fraud against her, which results in a lifetime ban from immigration to the U.S. I say illegitimate because the visa request that caused the charge was recanted, which means it cannot be legally used against her, or the decision. We are now nearing her interview with the embassy, for a decision on our Spouse Immigration VISA request, and request prayer for her understanding of questions asked, honesty of answers given, and that the authorities recognize that this is a true request and approve our request. If it is not God's will to allow the previous request, include in your prayer that we will be guided by His spirit to where we may go next. I am not against moving to the Philiipines, Japan, or any other place that will allow us to live as a family and, more importantly, worship God, who died for our sins and lives. Thank you.