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Right now I don't have one, but I have a friend who does.  Based on her recommendation and what I have seen online, I plan on getting one in February.

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So much to say...I must come clean and say I have a love affair with my Insta pot! Fortunately for my marriage, my husband is right there with me! 

I made my purchase after my crock pot died.  I used it on a regular basis to make mostly broth and chili - rarely anything else.  I chose to buy the Insta pot after lots of conversing with other owners. I've never regretted my purchase.  This is what I love: 

-Stainless steal pot to cook in: no more questionable ceramic that pits and possibly leaches unwanted stuff into my food. The stainless steal cleans nicely as well. 

- you can saute in the same pot you cook in: less pots & pans to clean. 

- it can be a slow cooker too

- you can cook dry beans in no time without soaking - nice! 

- you can start with frozen meat: thank you Lord - Grace when i don't plan ahead enough

- my grass feed beef is never tough

-I cook for 5 and the 8 qt is the perfect size 

- homemade broth has never been easier

- yogurt maker tooo!

-i can delay cook and it will start, cook, then keep warm: fantastic! 

- there's a recipe for everything online- try chicken curry and rib roast 

Did I mention the Insta pot seemingly does everything except fix world hunger and clean up the kitchen? 



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