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Hello all!

We've got a young adult who's a year away from graduating. She's recently decided to work part time and take a college class on the weekend. Now, she's started panicking about what remains of her high school years and the notion of not having enough time for fun before "adulthood" takes over. (sigh) She is given plenty of day-to-day free time. She has a lucrative schedule, a fun job, and the college class is a breeze. It really seems to be more the idea of adulthood approaching which is bothering her. No matter how many times we encourage her to just relax and enjoy the time - after all, being an adult isn't the end of the world! - she has her moments of stress.

Out of curiosity, how do you help your young adults manage what's coming while still enjoying their youth?


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Remembering my own youth this (2002) was a severely stressful time for me. What I needed was an adventure, a gap year and a little travel, but I was pushed straight into higher education (2003), and burned out, wasted a year. My suggestions are to visit passions with a bit of time before full responsibility settles in. I finally spent a two-week summer (2004) in Canada learning French, a week in London seeing history come alive with my older sister, and was a mother's helper to my sister who had just had her second baby for two-weeks, two-weeks after her child was born. I journaled the whole bit and wrote letters to family and friends, it was everything I needed. 

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