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St. Patrick

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What does everybody know about St. Patrick, historically? He has so many legends surrounding him, I'm just curious to see how many made their way to modern American culture. For example, there's one legend where St. Patrick makes 3 demands of God. the first is that on the day that the world ends, Ireland would sink below the waves and the Irish would all die instead of seeing the tribulation. The 2nd is that any Irishman who confesses on his deathbed would be recieved into heaven, Catholic tradition says that normally they would not. An the 3rd is that St. Patrick would judge the Irish instead of Christ. God says that he can deal with the first two, but he can't grant the third demand. St. Patrick gets mad and goes on a fast, as he's on the point of dying, God grants the third demand instead of letting him die, because you know, St Patrick is just so important. So there you have it, St. Patrick will judge the Irish .

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