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Sabrina S

Resources to improve family dynamics?

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Hey y'all, in light of some of my recent discussions I was thinking maybe you all might have some resource suggestions..... I love books to help me with issues. So we are still working on behavior issues which seem to be getting worse rather than better no matter what I try.... Family unity is basically non existent, I keep cutting more and more activities just to have time to focus on family.... so here is what I'm looking for, a book on parenting/behavior issues that deals with atypical kids (ADHD/ODD type behaviors), that is easy to read and has SIMPLE suggestions. I realize parenting isn't simple but I need as simple as possible and still effective. Much of what I've read has all of these fancy, time consuming, complicated suggestions, we are barely surviving (throw in a nice fibro flair on top of everything else!) so while those suggestions may work wonders I need to get to a base level of functional before I'm able to do them. I have very very little help. Anyway, does such a thing exist? 

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