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Valentine's Day

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Happy Valentine's Day, my friends.  Or maybe, happy day before chocolate is marked down day.

Do you celebrate the holiday?  If yes, with gifts, candy, or cards?  If not, why not?  I wish I could get a do-over for how we do "holidays" (as big as Christmas and as small as Groundhog Day).  The kids don't get Groundhog gifts, but I do make a silly groundhog treat of some sort.  Also, presidents day and holidays like that, do not involve gifts.  With everything Valentine's Day or bigger, though, the kids get a smallish gift and my husband and I always exchange some small thing.  This year, I got him A Novel Journal - Adventures of Sherlock Holmes which I thought was so incredibly unique.  I wish we did a small gift at Christmas and made their individual birthdays the big gift day of the year.  Birthdays tend to be more about experiences with them, though, so I like that.  We go for laser tag, a movie, the trampoline park, that kind of thing.

I guess what started as a valentine greeting has turned into a gift giving monologue. 

Enjoy your day however you celebrate, or don't!

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