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Spring cleaning and wedding dress

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Is anyone else purging, organizing, and cleaning?  We live in the middle of nowhere, so we rarely get people to come to any rummage sales (unless we have baby furniture, then everyone comes by!).  My stepmom has a sale at her place, nine hours away!  She's on a main road and it is crazy packed.  I take things there and it usually about pays for my gas for a family visit.  9_9

I'm debating about what to do with my wedding dress.  It was inexpensive 17 years ago, I only have boys, so I don't think any of my kids will be wearing it!  There is a ministry that makes little burial dresses for babies, another friend told me all the things they did with her dress (ring bearer pillows and such), and someone else suggested making tutus for the grands, which I don't even have yet.  I haven't decided what I will do just yet.

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