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Frequently Asked Questions


I’m having difficulty logging in: my password doesn’t work.

Make sure you are using the same email account that you purchased your membership with. If you are unable to login for the first time, look for the “Welcome to the Club” account activation email sent to you after signing up. Check your “junk” or “spam” folders as well. If you were able to login before, please double check to make sure you are typing your password correctly (do not copy and paste the password into the password box) and your Caps Lock is not on. Use the “Forgot Your Password?” form on the login page if you don’t remember your password.

Please check to make sure that your credit card information is up to date and current. If it is a payment issue, please contact us below to update your credit card information.

If you did not receive a club activation email, please use the form at the bottom of this page to contact our customer support team.

I live outside the United States, can I still be a member?

We don’t currently ship outside of the U.S. but you can become a digital Club member. Digital members have all the same digital and downloadable benefits as our physical CD members including instant access to our new releases in your library. Visit and sign up for our Digital Only Membership.

When will I be receiving a physical CD of the newest audio drama?

When the newest audio drama has been released on our website to all members in digital form, there is a download option on our website in your library. The physical CD’s will be automatically sent to our physical CD members shortly after. Keep up to date with our emails and newsletters for news on upcoming and newly released Audio Adventures.

When will the new releases be available?

Release dates for the upcoming productions have not been announced yet. Here are 4 productions coming in 2019.

We have moved, how do I change my address?

Please contact our customer support team using the form below with your new address!

You have charged my credit card but I haven’t received a CD.

The charges that you are seeing are membership fees for Live The Adventure Club (monthly, quarterly, or yearly), it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are receiving a CD at that point. As a member, you will however, be one of the first to receive the newest releases as they are produced, as well as benefiting from the bonus material available on our site!

I purchased Audio Adventures that aren’t showing up in my account. How do I add them?

If you purchased Audio Adventures from us that are not showing up in your Club account, this may be because you used a different email address for the past purchases. If this is the case, please contact us using the form below and we can add them to your account! Unfortunately, only purchases made through Heirloom Audio will be visible in your account.

How can I play my Audio Adventures on my iPhone and iPad?

You will need to download the zip file from your library to a computer that has iTunes. Simply add the MP3 files for your Audio Adventure to your iTunes Library and sync them to your library.

I just bought a new Audio Adventure. Why isn’t it showing up in my library?

You may need to log out and back in for new purchases to appear in your library. If you placed an order on our Club Store, the purchases should be accessible immediately. However, if you ordered outside of the Club Store please allow up to one hour for your library to be updated.

How soon will my CD ship?

Physical copies are shipped within 7-10 business days.

How do I download my Audio Adventures?

It’s simple! Visit My Library and click on Bonus Content for your Audio Adventure. There you can download your Audio Adventure’s playlist.

Where can I see how many Adventure Credits I have?

When you add an item to your cart you will see a blue bar showing your total credits.

My coloring pages require multiple pages to print. How can I print on only on page?

Try adjusting your print settings. If that doesn’t work, then download the coloring page first, prior to printing.

Can I use my Live The Adventure Club membership for a classroom?

Your Live The Adventure Club membership is for personal use only. The materials found within the membership site are not to be used for co-op and/or classroom settings.

How do I see the progress my child has made earning an Adventure Badge?

To view your child’s progress go to Kids Activities and scroll down to Adventure Badges & Awards. Click on the desired badge and a pop-up screen will show you what quizzes have been completed or not completed. Once all the quizzes for an audio adventure are completed, that badge will be illuminated.

I am wanting to stream an Audio Adventure without it stopping after each chapter. Can I do that?

Yes! Non-stop streaming is available as and Adventure Playlist. Visit My Library and click on Bonus Content for your Audio Adventure to find the Adventure Playlist.

What are Adventure Credits? Where can I use them?

Adventure Credits are earned when all the chapter quizzes are completed for a given audio adventure, when you make a purchase in the club store, and when you submit a referral and that person signs up for the club. Adventure Credits can be used in the Live The Adventure Club store. Using those credits, you can purchase Audio Adventures, mugs, mousepads, and more. 100 Adventure Credits have a value of $1.00.

If I want to cancel, how do I do that?

It’s important to know that you are always in charge of your Club membership. You have a 30-day free trial and can cancel at any moment during the trial or after the trial. Use the form below to request an account cancellation. All requests must be sent 4 days before the end of the 30-day free trial or before your next billing cycle. Allow for holiday closures, as well.

I always order the Family Four Packs. Are those still available?

Unfortunately, due to problems of unauthorized selling of our products, we no longer offer the Family Four Packs. However, Club members do receive a $5 savings off the list price on any additional Audio Adventures they purchase.