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  3. Now that the name has changed to the Sunday School Adventure Club, we are a confused bunch of supporters. We love the Henty audio books, BUT, not receiving another one in so long, AND being charged, NOW not being able to get into the Accounts/Subscription page, it's very frustrating.
  4. Same here. I clicked on the Accts/Subscription tab and there is nothing there. This is very confusing.
  5. I got the same thing, but my monthly renewal just happened on Wednesday, Oct. 28! This "new" membership is quite a bit more expensive. I agree, with the lack of communication and with no new Henty audios for almost 2 years, I am just going to cancel. (Not actually sure if I have to cancel or if I just won't renew??) I realize there are other audios to listen to on the site, but I joined for the Henty adventures. It is unfortunate because I put money into something I really believed in, and got very little in return. Very disappointing.
  6. What is going on? I got an email today labeled Sunday Scool Audio Adventure Club...telling me I will lose my subscription in 2 days (November 1) if I don't renew (just renewed at the end of September) now for more than what I've been paying and having to pay for a year at a time. Is this legit? The webpage that comes up looks identical except for the name change. I'm already questioning staying on here with it now being 2 years since the last new audio release, but no prewarning that there is a change coming is not sitting well either.
  7. Here we are into September of 2020. We were charged a membership fee again today and still no word as to when we will get a CD. Our family has been part of the club since the beginning, but we have now lost hope in what you have promised. I feel we’ve been taken advantage of, as you continue to charge a quarterly fee with NOTHING in return. 😞
  8. Yes please, more updates! Thanks
  9. Julie - Thanks for posting. After not hearing anything for so long, this is actually great news. I will be emailing but, would it be too much to ask for more frequent updates like this in return for our continued investment in Heirloom Audio & the Live the Adventure Club? There are several ways to reach subscribers with updates (email distro, podcast, blog post on club webpage, ...) and all have seemed so silent for so long. I am encouraged to here that scripts are available, but according to previously posted information, that has been the case for a long time. Prior to COVID-19 travel & work restrictions, I was led to believe that the primary issue that halted production was a sudden loss of the major funding stream. It would seem from your comment, that this has been resolved and now it's just a question of coordination & logistics. Am I reading too much into your comment, or is this a valid deduction?
  10. Please feel free to email for more information. We do have scripts available but due to COVID traveling to London to use our usual cast for recordings, is pretty much impossible at this point. We apologize. We are looking at other options.
  11. I've finally come to the decision to cancel my membership subscription too. We really don't use the Club site and I'm done hoping for another Audio Adventure to be released any time soon. My next payment is scheduled for August 4 and I don't want to see another charge on my card. I submitted a ticket on Saturday asking to cancel my account (since there's no easy way to just cancel it myself). No response yet. So I've now got a "chat" open with my request. Have been waiting over an hour and no one has responded even though the chat box says "typically responds within an hour." Heirloom Audio has had plenty of time and opportunity to communicate with us members what is going on. The lack of communication is what has finally left me feeling like this membership, for me, is a waste of money that could be better used elsewhere.
  12. I've e-mailed them. They are completely delinquent on delivering their audios. This is so discouraging and they are so non-communicative! How hard is it to send an e-mail to your subscribers telling them what is going on? This is completely unprofessional, and I'm ready to cancel my membership as well. So, they just let us sit here and wonder and get upset every time that money is taken from us without receiving what they've promised?! I'm sorry to say it, but it's fraud. Praying for conviction for them as a Christian company to live by Christian standards and refund money if they can't deliver. It's so sad. The audios were so well done, and my kids were so excited every time they came in the mail. They listen to them over and over again.
  13. I’m hanging on, But this is terrible.
  14. I too ended up here after looking for information about why I haven't received any new audio, nor any new blog posts, movie reviews nor any other club content in a very long time. I listened to the whole podcast, have done some other digging, and I am not particularly encouraged by what I heard and found nor by the current layout & appearance of the Heirloom Audio website. I decided to post this brief note to let other club members know that there is still one more member hanging on out there. I do plan to hang in there a couple more quarters, and hopefully more information comes out soon.
  15. No communication. And my credit card was charged for another quarter just a few hours ago.
  16. I haven't.
  17. Has anyone had any communication? I just sent a message to Julie at heirloom audio above.
  18. Any response?
  19. Eight months now since their last update...
  20. As much as it saddens me to say it, I have to agree with the above.
  21. I lost track of how long it's been since I last received an audio adventure, so decided to dig through my emails this morning. It's been 17 months. I joined the Live the Adventure Club in September of 2017, so I've been a member for almost 3 years. In that time, I've received 4 audio adventures, the first one being free with my initial sign-up of $1.00. In a few days, I will be charged another $24.75, which will put my total paid in 3 years time at 273.25 (including my $1.00 initial sign-up). That's a high price to pay for 4 audio adventures. If I cancel now, I lose out (I assume) on the audio adventures that have been delayed since early 2019. This is simply not right. Heirloom Audio asks us to have patience. I think the members here who've stuck it out have definitely had patience - and unfortunately, also, broken promises. This is not what we signed up for. Our subscription agreement is that we pay you X number of $$ every 3 months and you release X number of audio adventures each year. At the very least, member payments need to be suspended until you are caught up on delivering the promised number of audio adventures. If you are unable to deliver, you need to refund back the amount that we've paid since the last release. I listened to the podcast from October of 2019, which was 8 months ago. I'm sympathetic to the reasons why production has been delayed. But it's not right to presume upon the goodwill of the members and make promises you have not been able to deliver on for over a year. At the time of the podcast, it sounded like you were hoping at least one audio adventure would be released by the holidays. Sadly, no release was forthcoming. Another 8 months has passed, unfortunately, with only the sound of crickets. Honestly, the worst part is the lack of communication and transparency. I believe there are many members here who would be willing to continue their memberships if they were told what was going on, given regular updates and clear communications via email, social media, this forum, etc. AND given a specific time frame when they can expect the next release. Right now, though, I venture to say most of us are feeling like we're being ripped off. But we don't want to lose out on the audio adventures, which we so dearly love, and for which we've already paid for. To make matters worse, apparently, if we cancel now, we can never re-join. So that puts us all between a rock and a hard place. Feels just a bit manipulative. A Christian production company taking advantage of its Christian-based membership is not behaving very Christ-like. Please, no more silence and no more promises. Just do right by your members. I hope someone at Heirloom Audio sees this. Thank you.
  22. I just finished listening to the podcast. As a business owner, when you go through this much drama, there is only one right thing to do: Find someone else to take over Heirloom Audio. Sticking with it when you have so much going on is irresponsible, not noble. If Heirloom Audio is important and a ministry, then even if you step out of the way because of your hardships, someone else will take up the baton while you sort out your junk. Honoring your contract with Beck because God says to honor your contracts and let your "yes be yes" and your "no be no" would have been a good place to start. I'm betting your business would have pulled through the dark times by sticking with Beck, as he is doing VERY WELL again. A sale contract is not the same a being a donor. If you were a donor, then that's different. Then you would be obligated to pull support, but buying add time is something you can't just pull out of after the fact because the station went in a different direction. If no one else was willing to run Heirloom Audio for me, then I would have stopped collecting money from subscribers- I would have suspended their payments until we had product to deliver... its the whole breaking contract issue again. By continuing to collect without finding someone else to take over Heirloom, you were breaking contract again and asking other to pay for your hardships. You cannot ask others to pay for your hardships unless they are non-profit donators/founders. Heirloom Audio may have been a ministry to you, but sales are contracts. If you have to break a contract, you have to stop collecting money on the contract. This is not a situation requiring patience in a tough time. This is a situation requiring legal boundaries.
  23. Wow, it's really sad that no one from the adventure club is responding to these discussions. I'm sure something REALLY bad happened at this point. SO SAD. The way the podcast put off discussing the issues until after trying to sell the new ideas to people who already were sold on these stories felt really immature and dishonest, which makes me feel like they are evading responsibility for whatever hardship took place. I also dislike that I could not fast forward through all the beating around the bush to get to the transparency they owe us. Not cool Bob.
  24. Yes this update has been informative but it is not up-to-date. It came out last year on October 15th according to the website it was posted on. Praying for a new one.
  25. I also have had to go online to scavenge for updates and that is pretty low but what else can we do. Pray, Ask for updates(or search for them) or just cancel.
  26. That is the point we are at. I have no idea who is left of us in the club.
  27. Hi there. I've already listened to this and it's been 6 months now. We need updates, direct email notifications if we are gonna hang in there with subscriptions. I was disappointed that I had to search the first time to find out what's going on. I'm sorry, but I'm considering canceling too. This saddens me and my kids
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