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  3. How many releases were there last year? I can think of St. Bartholomew's Eve and For the Temple. Were there any others? We are supposed to be getting 3 sets a year and it really seems like Heirloom is not living up to that.
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  5. After reading your post, I listened very carefully to the episodes you mentioned. I did not hear any swear words in either episode. In Lyman Coulter and George C. Pickett, might you be referring to the word ass? If so, this is a perfectly legitimate (and "clean") use of that word. According to the Webster's dictionary, it means, "a stupid, obstinate, or perverse person".
  6. You are correct, The last release was late 2018. There has been nothing released this year.
  7. According to the subscription payment receipt, “Throughout the year, you’ll get Heirloom Audio’s 3 newest Audio Adventures before they’re available to the public.” So we are supposed to receive 3 cd sets per year. I’m here checking for info because I’m feeling concerned that I had missed something since the last set I received was For The Temple many months ago. It was so long ago that I can’t even recall when it came. Maybe end of 2018? I would guess that the new productions are taking longer to record and edit than anticipated, but some communication to subscribers about what’s going on and when we can expect the next set(s) would be greatly appreciated. If I don’t hear or receive something soon, I’m most likely going to cancel my subscription.
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  9. Any news on upcoming stories? I assumed we would be getting three new stories throughout the year, but maybe my assumption was wrong? Thanks for the clarification!
  10. I have a friend who has a grandmother with Parkinson's . She's come to live with he and his family and they are taking care of her. Pray for them and I will try to keep you posted.
  11. The Top Three Best Places in Christian Tourism Ark Encounter ( Kentucky) Creation Museum ( Kentucky) Museum of the Bible ( Washington DC)
  12. Some good educational DVDs are Drive Through History, Buddy Davis's Amazing Adventures, and the Creation Library Series
  13. Yes our family will be praying for your family.
  14. I am asking for prayer for our family as we transition to our new (to us) home. We feel we are following God's leading in moving to a different home and community. Our children seem to be struggling with the process. Would you all cover us with prayer and ask for The Lord's blessing on this move as we follow His leading. Thank you!
  15. Just came back from visiting Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC. Some dear friends moved to Maryland and invited me to come for a visit. I planned this trip in Feb. and traveled in late May. What a wonderful time we had. We even got to see the Broadway musical "Amazing Grace" that is playing in their theatre. It lived up to its name. I highly recommend going to MOTB. You won't regret it! DLW Miami,FL
  16. I like Drive Through History too
  17. I would like to know that also!! Does anyone at Heirloom moderate this and know the answer?!? Thanks! 😀
  18. Is anyone else purging, organizing, and cleaning? We live in the middle of nowhere, so we rarely get people to come to any rummage sales (unless we have baby furniture, then everyone comes by!). My stepmom has a sale at her place, nine hours away! She's on a main road and it is crazy packed. I take things there and it usually about pays for my gas for a family visit. I'm debating about what to do with my wedding dress. It was inexpensive 17 years ago, I only have boys, so I don't think any of my kids will be wearing it! There is a ministry that makes little burial dresses for babies, another friend told me all the things they did with her dress (ring bearer pillows and such), and someone else suggested making tutus for the grands, which I don't even have yet. I haven't decided what I will do just yet.
  19. Six boys! How wonderful. We have four. Welcome to Heirloom Audio and Live the Adventure club.
  20. @heirloomaudio when will be the release of the next cd's?
  21. Following .... I'd like to know the answer, as well.
  22. A King with a crown radio show has a swear word in it. Can you take this episode off or bleep out the offending word? Lyman Coulter and George C. Pickett from the Frontier Fighters episodes also has a swear word. I wrote a post last year and have had no replies. Does this concern anyone else? We purchased the Henty cds to have interesting and engaging stories that are clean and have found them to be so. Shouldn't everything on this site have the same care and attention? I cannot allow my children to listen to any old time radio shows unless I've listened first. It is never wholesome or of good character to tolerate filthy language. We ought not in any area of our lives including entertainment and education. May we strive to hold the standard high and not bend. I realize these shows probably have not been listened to in their entirety, but someone in charge should take it upon themselves to check these issues out. Thank you for your kind attention. A site such as this can be time consuming at the least, but please be careful in the items you include.
  23. All of them!!! But if I had to choose I would go In Freedoms Cause ,and Captain Bailey's Heir
  24. It depends on how much you get right on the quizzes and that and they credits help with price deduction of something from the store. Sometimes what you get from the store can be 11, or 2 or whatever price of sometimes free ,it depends on how much you get right on the quizzes
  25. Does anyone know when the next story will be sent out? I wasn’t sure if there were dates for the 2019 releases.
  26. We are the Bielecki family, Kevin and Brie, Tim 13, Zeke 11, Micah 9, Josiah 7, Daniel 5 and Caleb 3. We are full time homeschooling missionaries in the heart of the Navajo Nation, where we serve at Immanuel Mission. Kevin is the bus mechanic, preaches once monthly, and we manage the large guest house for supporting teams or anyone who is traveling by and needs a place to stay! We LOVE audio books and adventures, we have to drive almost 2 hours just to grocery shop, so these make the ride with rowdy boys so much more enjoyable!
  27. Can the source for the old time radio stories be provided please.
  28. Hello, We just finished the Cat of Bubaetes online! It was great and we loved the quizzes as we went along! At the end, it says we received 500 points for the store? What is this for? Has anyone cashed these in or how do they work? Thanks!
  29. Happy Valentine's Day, my friends. Or maybe, happy day before chocolate is marked down day. Do you celebrate the holiday? If yes, with gifts, candy, or cards? If not, why not? I wish I could get a do-over for how we do "holidays" (as big as Christmas and as small as Groundhog Day). The kids don't get Groundhog gifts, but I do make a silly groundhog treat of some sort. Also, presidents day and holidays like that, do not involve gifts. With everything Valentine's Day or bigger, though, the kids get a smallish gift and my husband and I always exchange some small thing. This year, I got him A Novel Journal - Adventures of Sherlock Holmes which I thought was so incredibly unique. I wish we did a small gift at Christmas and made their individual birthdays the big gift day of the year. Birthdays tend to be more about experiences with them, though, so I like that. We go for laser tag, a movie, the trampoline park, that kind of thing. I guess what started as a valentine greeting has turned into a gift giving monologue. Enjoy your day however you celebrate, or don't!
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