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  5. I still haven't received my copy, but I never received Wulf until I emailed about it either.
  6. We do weekly co-op PE, piano lessons (plus many performances at local university, Barnes and Noble, the local mall, etc), tackle football in the fall with a community team, drama at a charter school which was opened to homeschoolers. Sometimes, I wish we didn't live in town so we could do 4H... but, then reality hits and I know we wouldn't do it after all. *sigh
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  8. Received our St Bartholomew's Eve CDs about a month ago now.
  9. My oldest son is moving across the country with his girlfriend this weekend. He's all grown up, but he will always be my baby. He's never lived more than 30 minutes away before!
  10. Dear Sirs: The radio drama King with a Crown has a swear word in the first part of the story. At first I thought I misheard, so I went back and listened again. When the doctor is teaching the young slave Simon English words, he gets impatient and says the D word. I want to be able to let my children listen to these interesting old dramas, but now I'm a little wary. Thanks for your time and attention to this problem.
  11. It's first-winter here in Vermont. We got a few inches of snow yesterday and the temp this morning is 14*F. Brrrr... I'm glad it won't stay that cold all winter! One of the boys is giving me a heap of grief because I didn't let him buy a snowtube the other day. Some of our seasonal roads are closing, too. It doesn't take much before 108 is closed on Mt Mansfield because there is just no way to get plow equipment through the winding pass. It closed last night, making the trip to Stowe significantly longer. And we haven't gone over to buy our cider and donuts yet! And how is it that winter boots that fit YESTERDAY don't fit today?
  12. I apologize as Julie responded to my email within hours, I just didn't see it. Also, I realize it's Wulf the Saxon (not Saxon the Wulf, lol!). I received it in the mail today! SUPER quick response! Thank you so much! I am sending another email regarding the other issue. Thanks again!
  13. Hi, I sent an email a couple days ago regarding never having received my Saxon the Wulf CDs (though it is available in my library). Additionally, yesterday I ordered three other CD sets of previous episodes (in two orders) and they have yet to be unlocked in my library. Would someone from customer service please respond to my email, plus unlock my new purchases? And can I get an ETA on when the CDs for those episodes will be sent out? We love these audio adventures and all the wonderful accompanying resources! Thanks so much for your help!
  14. I know what you mean it took me a few days to get thru. Never did get anyone on the phone. What I had to do was talk to someone online not thru email but on chat. She said they will go out later this month I believe. But she went ahead and sent mine. Something about them being short staffed or something. Hope this helps.
  15. very irritating to not have any information and no way to talk with someone!!!! Also no replies to email!!!!
  16. 9, 7, 4, and 17 months. The oldest can cook little things and wash dishes. She can load the dishwasher while my middle daughter is in charge of unloading. My son is a gopher at four and he is encouraged to keep the budding toddler in tow. Oh and the oldest helps with cloth diapers also.
  17. We haven't either. I skipped the review crew on this on because I expected it here. I hope it will still come.
  18. We've enjoyed the series, but there has been no response and we haven't received St Bartholomew's Eve CDs. We'll have to cancel if we don't hear anything soon. Hoping to hear ...or receive!
  19. We started off strong but then did some babysitting to help out another mom and it is all thrown off. Also one of my kids is having some issues which throw a wrench in some days. I'm hoping next week we can get back into a better routine but then my husband will be off for a week. We will have most of october to establish a great routine then my busy season with OCC will start in November. Sigh guess that's life
  20. Personally I'd do more dissection but obviously the kids don't want that..... what about looking at slides of cells, candling eggs, have kids write a report to bring back each class on an animal of their choice from that week's classification.....make an insect collection. I don't know, I don't think I'm much help. Good luck!
  21. Have any club members received their copy yet? My kids have been waiting what seems like forever to them, especially after the email a few weeks ago saying that we should be receiving our copy "in the mail any day now."
  22. So this year I am teaching jr/sr high kids at co-op. I've never done that before, taught big kids. I am teaching zoology and am looking for ideas/resources. I've got most of the classes in idea mode. The only "dissection" we'll be doing this year is an owl pellet. Some of the high schoolers elected to take Apologia's biology. My class is kids who were looking more for "bio-light." They were clearly relieved when I told them we weren't dissecting animals this year. So, some of the classes will be taxonomy (last week), a week each for mammals, insects, birds, reptiles, and amphibians, biomes/habitats, predator/prey, symbiotic relationships, *exceptions* to classification (platypus, bat, I thought of a few others, but am blanking), stuff like that. I have 16 weeks to plan for. Some of my sources are, Apologia's Marine Biology, Easy Peasy All in One. No one has everything I need to fill an hour and provide a reasonable amount (whatever that is) of homework for a two week span. Any ideas? Know of an actual zoology lesson plan or text book for 12-17 year olds? Thanks!
  23. Some we have watched, not sure if they're still on, are Popular Mechanics for Kids, Liberty's Kids, Carmen SanDiego. It's Amazon, but if you have Prime you can see Steve Spengler's DIY Sci. My kids are choosing it for their free time show! And New Dimension videos have TONS of videos for almost every subject and age group.
  24. I've been really thinking about this one. I love Well-Planned Day (which I mentioned above), but I was mulling over some needs I can't meet well with it. I just realized, even though it's spiral bound, it is also three hole punched. Not sure I'd have the courage to do it, but it would be easy to take it apart, put it in a binder and add pages from Schoolhouse Teachers or any other planner you can print or punch.
  25. We "school year round," but this year I am having a really hard time finding our groove. I think I took off too many days in the last two months for us to just get going again. Today was OK, but we do the bulk of school in the afternoon and the crew was here finishing our roof, Xav and I had dental appointments, and then I started tae kwon do (I must be CRAZY!), so we didn't get as much done as I wanted. Over and over I console myself with "tomorrow is a new day."
  26. We started a couple weeks ago but not all of our curriculum was in so it was a gradual start. The last of it came in yesterday so Tuesday will be the first day of doing all subjects.
  27. Who has started back to school? Who hasn't? Since we homeschool, I had planned to start on Sept. 4th, but my mom is taking my son on a trip to the mountains so I guess we will start when he gets home.
  28. My kids clean their own rooms and have one other room assigned to them to keep clean (ages 13, 9 and 7) including vacuuming or sweeping and mopping. My oldest does dishes, my 9 year old takes out trash, and they all help feed and care for animals (chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats, guinea pigs....).
  29. I put one together using the flexible 5-star binder. It is working out pretty well.
  30. Last year (for part of the year) I used a large Happy Planner. It worked out decent. I like that I can add any pages that I might need. I will most likely try to use that again this year. I can never seem to find a planner that fits my needs, so I end up creating one myself. Good luck, ladies!
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