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  5. Happy Valentine's Day, my friends. Or maybe, happy day before chocolate is marked down day. Do you celebrate the holiday? If yes, with gifts, candy, or cards? If not, why not? I wish I could get a do-over for how we do "holidays" (as big as Christmas and as small as Groundhog Day). The kids don't get Groundhog gifts, but I do make a silly groundhog treat of some sort. Also, presidents day and holidays like that, do not involve gifts. With everything Valentine's Day or bigger, though, the kids get a smallish gift and my husband and I always exchange some small thing. This year, I got him A Novel Journal - Adventures of Sherlock Holmes which I thought was so incredibly unique. I wish we did a small gift at Christmas and made their individual birthdays the big gift day of the year. Birthdays tend to be more about experiences with them, though, so I like that. We go for laser tag, a movie, the trampoline park, that kind of thing. I guess what started as a valentine greeting has turned into a gift giving monologue. Enjoy your day however you celebrate, or don't!
  6. Have you tried emailing them?
  7. I still haven't received mine.
  8. I'm glad you received yours. I am still watching for St. Bartholomew's Eve, but we are loving For the Temple.
  9. We are really enjoying For the Temple, but I still haven't received St. Bart.
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  11. Hi Lieya
  12. Welcome Lieya.
  13. Really? That would be VERY interesting and exciting! Do you have any more info on that?
  14. My personal view is that kissing is one of those gifts for your spouse that is saved till marriage. I just think it will be so much more special and worthwhile if I wait, and besides if you start with something seemingly small, where will you draw the line?
  15. Hello! My name is Lieya, and I am and aspiring actress and filmmaker. I am a homeschool graduate and am now studying film and drama with Tomorrows Filmmakers, and online christian collage. I have followed Heirloom Audio since day one and am so excited to be part of the Club!
  16. We just started listening to For the Temple yesterday in the car. We will finish it up tomorrow. So far it's a huge hit with the family!
  17. This sounds neat!
  18. I haven't hears or received anything, but we are still very passionate and love the quality of what we have collected. I hope we will receive ours soon.
  19. I still haven't received mine, but I still would love to get one and hear the story. I'm also loving forward to the new For the Temple story as well.
  20. Don't forget the lunar eclipse is tonight. The sky is clearish after all the snow today, so we may get to see some of it, but the temp is below zero F, so I don't plan to go out and plow through a foot and a half of snow to stand in the yard. As long as I can see some from the bedroom window, i'm good.
  21. I ended up cooking my iphone shortly after and replaced it with a samsung, and the next van had a CD player, so I never did anything more with it. Good luck!
  22. That makes sense. I had not thought about just doing it from the disc. Thank you. You should be able to rename them in itunes. I would also need to look up how to change it so itunes sees them as an ebook so that it can be paused.
  23. I'm sure there is a way. I think I put the discs in my computer, put on my iTunes, and loaded on to the phone. Unfortunately, ages ago, when I did that, it played them out of order. disc 1 track 1, disc 2 track 1, disc 1 track 2, disc 2 track 2, and so on. If you can change the name, they would probably play in order. Plus it was a long time ago, so maybe it would work right now.
  24. Is it possible to download these audio book onto our phone for listening? That would be easier than taking along my actual CDs. I have an iPhone. Thanks Kori
  25. I am a homeschool mom and as I was browsing the radio part of my library, I was noticing that not all the titles tell about who the person in history is. If I am looking for something to listen to on a specific topic (say the gold rush for example, or George Washington Carver), is there a search function to help me find the ones on those topics? Thanks!
  26. I am new and am still exploring all the available content here in the adventure club. Have you guys ever considered making it available in an app rather than having to log into a website?
  27. any updates on getting the audio onto a kindle fire? My daughter just got one and I'd love to get it on there.
  28. I Agree
  29. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (assuming you celebrate). We decided last minute to make a trip to visit family and completely surprised the two sets of grandparents were weren't staying with. I don't think we have spent Christmas with the families since before our youngest was born, so at least eight years. I participated in my first ever white elephant-type party game. That was a ton of fun and the cousins had a vicious war over a remote control vehicle which was "stolen" repeatedly. Now the boys have created a whole new set of memories with people we love and I'm grateful for that.
  30. No, but it's certainly exciting. Any of them would be wonderful. Not sure how I'll feel with different actors in any of the roles, though. We've listened so many times, it's hard to imagine.
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